A mischievous maverick with little regard for rules, Wanin is a Forest Keeper of the Uzato Tribe, a skilled warrior with an axe-sword and round shield.

He is respected for his dexterity and fighting skills, but often the butt of jokes for his fear of water. According to his sister, Naire, Wanin's prowess with a blade is a result of extensive practice during lakeside family picnics... far away from the water.

Orphaned as a child, he was brought up by his grandmother Durma, along with his sister Naire, and Mormolia the Fae. He has inherited his father's blacksmithing prowess, often spending time hammering away in the smithy, as its sounds calm his temper.

He is extremely protective of Naire, and would do anything for his little sister.
A member of the Fae species, she came to the Sarem household before Wanin was born, and has been like an elder sister to him ever since. Nicknamed "Fluffy", her actual age is unknown.

Unlike other members of the Fae, she is often engaged in heated arguments and frequent fights with Wanin, has a foul mouth, and a general disregard for appearances. Rumors are she was once a caterpillar in her youth, resulting in the nickname "Caterpilly," a name she does not enjoy being called.

She is one of Uzato famed alcoholics, so much so Haba the Ale Boss made a special beer large enough for her to bathe in....
A young girl of the cat-like Gon Arrue species, Shama is an accomplished thief, a master at picking locks. She has a tremendous appetite, and an obsession with cleanliness.

She has arrived at Uzato for an unknown reason, concealing her considerable bosom and posing as a young boy. At times clever and shrewd, she plays everything by the ear... but she is also at times a klutz, often sabotaging herself along the way...
A Shepardess of the Uzato tribe, sister to Wanin. She is compassionate and empathetic, beloved by everyone in the tribe. She often spends time watching the stars, dreaming about the myths and legends of the Cilato.

Orphaned as a child, she lives with Wanin and her grandmother Durma. Well-versed in Cilato legends and history, she was selected to represent Uzato as the "Heroine of Engora Valdraken" at the Star Ark Festival, a event only held once every 66 years.

For this Shepardess who has always loved her family and tribe, this would be her first time leaving her homeland...
A member of the nobility, Thronzeya hails from the Royal City of Engora, Vuzahem. Both the Jortun and Sarem families hail from a lineage of skilled Blacksmiths, and Thronzeya in particular has cultivated a friendship with Wanin.

Hard-working and dedicated to his ideal of Chivalry, his fighting skills have earned him the name of "Engoran Star." He was selected to escort the Heroine of Engora Valdraken for the long-awaited Star Ark Festival, a once in 60-year event.

On his way from Vuzahem to Uzato, he has heard many disturbing rumors...
One of the Captains of the Uzato Forest Keepers, known for his "special" taste in clothing. His Brandr Brigade is responsible for patrolling the are from Sunset Forest to ocean borders of Longwood Forest.

A down-to-earth responsible leader, he is well-respected by his companions, despite looking disheveled with a toothpick in his mouth and constantly slinging an axe across his shoulders. He is teased for being a henpecked husband, but in battle he shows his bravery and decisiveness.

He calls his relationship with his wife Riella one of "respect," but most observers would say it was mostly of "fear." It is a touchy subject though, as he becomes dejected fairly quickly.
One of the Captains of the Uzato Forest Keepers, wife to Brandr. Her physique is impressively muscular, and Wanin and Olegon teasingly refer to her as the "Bear Woman." Indeed, she does seem to have the strength of a bear, being the strongest person in Uzato. It is rumored she's feared by even the gods. She is responsible for guarding the East Guardian Tower.

Once provoked, her fury cannot be stopped by words, and wreaks havoc wherever she goes. Even so, she has the purest of hearts, often dreaming of being a Heroine of Engora Valdraken, like Naire. She even practices in secret... though the results are somewhat... different. The story of how she fell in love with Brandr has many different versions, the most entertaining version describing how she had kidnapped Brandr.... When comparing their tastes in fashion, however, perhaps the reason was much simpler.
A member of the Brandr Brigade. Swinging his hammer with a huge muscular frame, he is devastating in melee battles.

Dismissive of details, he is a simple forthright man, often getting drunk together with Mormolia, and regretting the outcome the next morning.

He looks many years older than Wanin, though actually being of the same age. His trademark facial tattoos are often mistaken for other features from a distance.
The Elder of the Uzato Tribe, he was a famous warrior in his youth, having partaken in many military campaigns. He leads his tribe, fulfilling the duty of guarding the western borders of Engora.

A calm and solemn leader, he draws from his past military experience, being harsh but just and sometimes compassionate. He is especially supportive of the Sarem family, and of the orphaned Wanin.

Often giving vague answers, or not answering questions at all, he is partial in talking to Mormolia for reasons yet unknown.
When Wanin and Naire became orphans, Durma took it upon herself to look after them. As kids she would tell them stories of the World Tree Terasyr, and the legends of the Cilato.

Compassionate and patient, she is an important figure in the lives of Wanin and Naire.
A seemingly emotionless reclusive woman with a cool and calculating appearance, everything about her is a mystery.

The only thing outsiders know of the infamous Red Hag is that she resides in the Longhorn Woods.

There are many rumors circulating about her: that she drinks the blood of children to sustain her youthful appearance, that she mates with forest beasts, that she rides a nine-tailed white Horned Wolf, that poisonous spiders and man-eating flowers await anyone who trespasses into her realm...